Tournament Management Platform

Foundry is a free, open-source solution for managing a Science Olympiad Tournament.

Hosting your tournament with Foundry is quick, easy, and will always be free.

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Team Management

Keep track of all participating teams online. Team management integrates with online scoring and event registration to provide a seamless experience for participating schools.

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Online Event Registration

Foundry features online registration for events, so competing teams can resolve conflicts before arriving at the tournament. It's easier on coaches and event supervisors, but, most importantly, online registration gives the best opportunity for competing students to actually compete in the events they have prepared long and hard for!

Online Scoring

Distribute scores the fastest way. No more custom Excel spreadsheets, Foundry will rank teams automatically and according to Science Olympiad tie-breaking rules.

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Instant Scoring Presentation

Instantly create a presentation for your awards ceremony. No downloads required!

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University's tournament has used Foundry for three years. Click here to see the 2013 tournament.

The University Of Akron

The Akron Regional Science Olympiad uses Foundry! Click here to see the 2013 tournament.
Foundry was written by a Science Olympiad alum for tournaments to provide logistical support for tournaments.